How can video games contribute to spiritual insights and well-being?

In this post, I will introduce my guest writer Dmitriy, who is a master of video games. I asked him how can video games contribute to spiritual insights and well-being. And he answered with this post!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Dmitriy and this is my first guest post at Actually it’s my first guest post ever, although I’ve been trying to maintain my own blogs for quite a while.

I became acquainted with Margherita (who is the owner of this site) several days ago, through an online network the members of which we both happen to be. I usually introduce myself to a few members of that network every day by sending them a message explaining who I am and what do I do for living. The next day I check for any replies from the members and reply to them in return, after which the conversation usually ends. This wasn’t the case with Margherita.

Now, then, my area of expertise – if I can say so – is video games. Not any video games, mind you, but those that have the power to affect the lives of people in a beneficial way, either significantly or slightly. When I sent my message to Margherita, I didn’t expect anything special to happen, but as I checked back for the reply, I was surprised to see a question – and an offer to write a guest post on her Website.

Margherita asked me “How can video games contribute to spiritual insights and well-being?”, and today I’m going to try and answer this question with a short real-life story. Some of you may even heard it already.

Video games rarely receive praise from the people who do not play them, and are often perceived as being evil and having a bad influence on young people around the world. I’m not going to argue with that – at least not today, and not in this post. Instead, I’ll tell you about a family. About parents,  who lost their child. A mother and a father, who chose not to become lost in their tragedy, but to help others in the same situation – by creating a video game.

The game I’m talking about is called “That Dragon, Cancer”. It tells a story of Ryan and Amy Green, who discovered that their 1-year-old son Joel had cancer. It is a short game – to play it through will take roughly 2 hours, but those will be one of  the most emotionally intense hours in your life. Basically, the game consists of several scenes depicting the actual experiences through which the Green family went, while dealing with Joel’s treatment.

That Dragon Cancer Screenshot 2

“That Dragon, Cancer”, was created, as a means of expressing and sharing the feelings of people, who’s fighting a battle that can’t be won. A means of letting others know they’re not alone with their own battles, to help them find hope, faith and peace. It is also a means to help people understand what does it take to be a parent of a dying child. It tells a true story, everything shown in the game is what happened to the Greens on their difficult and tragic journey.

You might ask how can such a game “contribute to spiritual insights and well-being”? The answer lies within the actual impact it did and continues to do on the real world around us. There’s at least one other family, who found comfort in understanding they’re not alone with their problem and I’m sure there are more like them. This article at Kotaku tells about that family – read it, they have a much better way with words than me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and will see video games in a better light from now on 🙂

Spiritual Healing Energy

The universe pours in spiritual healing energy in increments depending on the currents in the universal matrix. How does it affect you and me? You may feel you are not worthy and cannot make sense of what is happening to you. The moon also affects our emotion with the tides up and down, and for women and their moon cycle it can be rather cumbersome.

What effect does spiritual healing energy have?

The effect for many people is to face the boundaries of ones comfort zone. But, honestly that is in the end good. Because, how can we otherwise evolve as a species. A person don’t like to be in the pain of painful emotions. Most of us want to be happy, but some of of us do not know what happy is or how to get there. When spiritual healing energies increases, you have a good chance to get over the blocks and difficulties in your life, like being content, peaceful and have a balanced mind. But some of us react, or crave certain foods, and other not so good stuff. 

What if you do not agree to do spiritual healing?

It is up to you to believe all is as normal, but for some who don’t, they have the knowledge to deal with it. Or, at least search for a solution to their issues. You know when you have a pain in your foot when you twisted your ankle. You cannot think of anything else than that. You seek for an immediate fix. It becomes a priority above anything else. It doesn’t help that your cat jumps up on your lap, or your partner says something nice. You want ice on your ankle, and lay on the sofa with your leg up on a pillow.
It is the same is with emotional states, like frustration, grief, anxiety and foremost stress. To reduce those states we apply for example, our eating habits, or other harmful behaviour. And, our fragile heart gets further blocked. To be stuck in layers of painful stress, makes it worse. 
A simple solution is better than complicated medications and rigorous spiritual practice. Not, that they don’t work, but you want to fix yourself right now! 

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