About me

About Spiritual Healing Books & Tools: This site is for Spiritual Seekers who want to heal their issues and find solutions to their challenges.

Hi, I am a spiritual seeker myself, and a writer. I have been studying healing modalities like crystal healing, hypnotherapy and energy healing.  And helping my clients since 1998.

My background are a mix of sciences and creative arts, which I still use every day. My first employment lasted a decade, working in a multinational corporation handling the marketing for three departments. In 1991 I started my first company working with private clients creating dresses and suits for all kinds of occasions.

Now, I am so passionate about to see my clients healing journey of successes to health and happiness.

Feel free request to write guest post on the blog, with suitable content. And please comment on the posts.

Contact me on: light@spiritualhealingbooks.com


Margherita owner of The Crystal Lotus

Healing catalyst for women burdened by stress and pain.

P.S. My cat Sir Kitten is a conduit for spiritual healing energy, as he is aware of the energies in nature. Not all humans are aware of this. For example in the video below, my cat protects me, and the property for invading foxes. Take a look!