Spiritual Healing Energy

The universe pours in spiritual healing energy in increments depending on the currents in the universal matrix. How does it affect you and me? You may feel you are not worthy and cannot make sense of what is happening to you. The moon also affects our emotion with the tides up and down, and for women and their moon cycle it can be rather cumbersome.

What effect does spiritual healing energy have?

The effect for many people is to face the boundaries of ones comfort zone. But, honestly that is in the end good. Because, how can we otherwise evolve as a species. A person don’t like to be in the pain of painful emotions. Most of us want to be happy, but some of of us do not know what happy is or how to get there. When spiritual healing energies increases, you have a good chance to get over the blocks and difficulties in your life, like being content, peaceful and have a balanced mind. But some of us react, or crave certain foods, and other not so good stuff. 

What if you do not agree to do spiritual healing?

It is up to you to believe all is as normal, but for some who don’t, they have the knowledge to deal with it. Or, at least search for a solution to their issues. You know when you have a pain in your foot when you twisted your ankle. You cannot think of anything else than that. You seek for an immediate fix. It becomes a priority above anything else. It doesn’t help that your cat jumps up on your lap, or your partner says something nice. You want ice on your ankle, and lay on the sofa with your leg up on a pillow.
It is the same is with emotional states, like frustration, grief, anxiety and foremost stress. To reduce those states we apply for example, our eating habits, or other harmful behaviour. And, our fragile heart gets further blocked. To be stuck in layers of painful stress, makes it worse. 
A simple solution is better than complicated medications and rigorous spiritual practice. Not, that they don’t work, but you want to fix yourself right now! 

tools and remedies that can help you when you need it most.

Chakra Colouring book by Margherita cr

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23 thoughts on “Spiritual Healing Energy”

  1. In our times spiritual healing is an important factor in the process of human growth and develoment. You are doing great work here, and your coloring book is a real treat. Thank you!

    1. Dear Heidi, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I agree that spiritual healing is a vital component for happiness to emerge. These days so much information are floating around the internet, so I appreciate what you said about my first post. That certainly gives me courage to share more about spiritual healing and and the tools and therapies that are available!
      Please come back to see additional resources. Blessings, Margherita

  2. I agree with you 100% here and wish a lot more people had “self-awareness.” I’m aware of spiritual healing but have a way to go yet. Will check out your material and thanking you.
    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Jeff, the self awareness part is so important for being happy and fulfilled in life. Jeff you are here so now your can open yourself to explore what is available for you. Nowadays, any topic and almost any answers to any question can be found. personally I prefer to be connecting personally with my readers. Creating peace and calm in a world filled with tensions and so much data can be overwhelming. here I want to be selective to what helps a person best. Thanks again for your comment!
      Blessings, Margherita

  3. I love the analogy of the sprained ankle and emotional pain. It is exactly that. And I love the idea that I may or may not agree with it. It doesn’t actually MATTER whether I agree with it or not. You’d think by the way I struggle that I would realize that by now and just accept and agree with it.

    1. Leah, yes, isn’t it fantastic, that at the end it doesn’t matter if we agree or believe in it or not. It happens anyway, maybe not as we expect it to happen, but spirit guides us, anyways.

  4. I really enjoyed this article! I would like to learn more about chakras, as it is something I am not very familiar with.

    Your coloring books look absolutely beautiful! I had never thought about coloring as being a way of restoring your inner peace. In thinking about it though, it really does make sense as it is a very calming activity.

    I am definitely going to visit your site again as I am very interested in exploring ways to help me cope with the stress in my life.

    Thank you so much!

    Wishing you all the best,


    1. Dear Anna,

      Thank you for your comments. In a future post I will share about chakras, they are our inner energy vortexes. So now, I know that you are interested in this topic, and probably others as well. When a person is stressed it comes from the enormous load of negative and harmful energy, in fact it sits mostly in our solar plexus causing things like ulcers and digestive disturbances. Stress is so common in our hectic world today. If you like I can send you the PDF of the drawing in my video if you like. Looking forward to see you again.



  5. I really like books on spiritual healing, I’m myself a reiki healer and really like such books and love to read articles on this.
    I think we often ignore spiritual energy and the healing that it brings in our life.We really need to lay some emphasizes on that as it is equally important as our professional life.
    Great post and I hope you keep posting!

    1. Dear Shrey,

      I agree that the spiritual and our business should be aligned. Both areas will become better, Like your comment!

  6. Very interesting approach, In the past I have thought about how other cultures use caligraphy or gardening or painting as a meditation,
    In the current moment I am trying to turn any repetitive activity that I have in my day into a meditation , is kind of hard actually .
    I find The solution you provide here with the coloring book really appealing, i have a time restriction by the moment. hope I can implement it eventually

    1. Dear Javier, yes I have combined art and repeating action within this book. And thanks for commenting I appreciate it!

  7. I feel like every one comes to their own spiritual healing in their own unique way. Each person has a different path and they find it when they’re ready. Healing won’t look the same for everybody. I love your tools here and the coloring book looks fun. (I received my first adult coloring book for Christmas last year) … I think I have to have this one. Thank you for your great post.

  8. I tried some sort of spritual healing last year. Or more of energy clearance by Christie Marie Shieldon. It works. In the sense that many false beliefs are brought up. I used to be skeptical of such things. But after experiencing it first hand, now I’m very much a believer.

  9. I like what you have written and it rings true with me. Many years ago after reading books by Doris Stokes, (a medium) I became very involved in spiritualism although I found the religious aspect of it rather invasive and annoying which actually turned me away from it. I am in some ways agnostic but still believe in the power of the spirit world and their healing powers. I use healing myself with my mum – a catholic, and my wife – a buddhist and they both say they feel the differences when I lay my hands on them and ask for relief from those around me. My friends also think I’m a bit weird.

  10. I kind of feel like I was guided to read this today. When you said that we engage in harmful types of behavior as a way of reducing emotion states like stress, it really made me reflect.

    I’ve been under a lot of stress at work lately and have been over eating on bad foods like candy and pop quite a bit.

    Is that a common thing for people to do?

    Thank you for helping me become aware of this!

    1. Well Nick, Most of us have to deal with cravings, and bad eating, Stressfull work and life makes us trying to suppress the irky feelings, hence the craving. But, I am sure you can face this eating challenge and cut out any suger in your diet. I did it as well several years ago. If you realize that you are in charge of yourself, you can also remedy these bad habits better. Instead, take a walk, breathe fresh air and have a break in your busy day. By reaching out here, you might acknowledge that eventually the cause of stress can be found and taken care of. Please feel free of contact me again, if you have deeper issues. Blessings, Margherita

  11. Margherita, what a lovely idea for a website!

    I have explored many avenues for spiritual healing (mostly because I’ve had the great good fortune to be in a place where all sorts of seekers seem to congregate.
    Maui seems magnetically inclined that way.)

    The explorations my true seeker-friends have undertaken are many and varied, and sometimes have mixed results. The methods the seekers use are often ancient ways of walking that have survived because the things actually do work.

    As you say, the explorations do require an open mind and heart.

    1. Dear Netta,

      Thanks for commenting on my post. I haven’t been on Maui (only on the airport), But, I spent some time on Kaui. Love the Hawaiian islands. if a method works, good, if not, one can try another one, each one of us is on a journey through life!

  12. Thank You

    I have added spiritual healing to my life and have been rewarded very well, many people must be more open to other ways of healing other than depending on prescription drugs.

    I have found coloring to be very beneficial for me to relax and release my energy at the end of my day, I am sure many people will enjoy learning about spiritual healing from your article.

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